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Chelina Manuhutu
Chelina Manuhutu - by personal site

This versatile beauty is born in Amsterdam, The Netherlands – Chelina is a DJ, a producer and a supermodel as well. Since young, Chelina was being surrounded with music and dance, then she found her fortune in the modeling business. But as we know true love never dies. In 2011, ten years after her modeling career, Chelina and music became professionally bounded with each other. She manifests herself in several occasions at various places all over the world, from Berlin to Ibiza to Miami USA and Asia. With her Deep Techhouse sound, she puts down a funky and ruff image.

Chelina Manuhutu, a true performer and a real star.

Chelina Manuhutu (1985) born in Huizen, The Netherlands, is a DJ.

She grew up in a musical environment with a lot of latin influences, but listened to all kinds of music.
The first time she got in touch with the turntables, was when she had the age of 13. Her brother was a DJ and took her wherever he had to perform.

With the age of 15 she started doing modeling all over the world and she also joined a girl band for 4 years.
After 10 years of hard work she realized her interests in music got bigger and wanted to get it back in her life.
She decided to get her own turntables and practice.

In the beginning of 2011 she started her DJ career and she already performed in lots of night/beach clubs such as : Ibiza Blue Marlin, Barcelona Hotel W, Delanos, Paradiso,and many more.
Chelina Manuhutu has created a sound of her own. With groovy house, techhouse music with a lot of african, latin drums. She wants to give people a great feeling and make them enjoy it by making and playing new and exciting music. Now she wants to spend a lot of time in the studio making her own tracks and work with other dj’s and artists.

Follow Chelina Manuhutu on Twitter :@chelinamanuhutu

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